“That which may shock and surprise you,

may also delight you.

Cast away fears and false security,

for something that provides long lasting harmony.

That which is eternal and loving,

will be most enduring.

Energies are now amplified,

cast ripples upon the Ocean that multiply.

From there to there.

Allow love to be sent everywhere.

Embrace now the bliss,

one can not miss,

which flows out from all New Beginnings.”




‎”our natural state of being is joy.

it takes so much energy to think negative thoughts, to speak negative words, and to feel miserable.

the easy path is good thoughts, good words, and good deeds

…take the easy path”


“Don’t ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman


in late february i met up with ashley, an actress here in the city of winnipeg. she needed some new headshots and insisted that my first such session should be with her. =) we met at kildonan park, cracked open some hotties and stuffed them into our boots. {hotties are little packages you shake up that heat up for 20 minutes up to few hours.} the weather was beautifully sunny and it was about -4000 degrees celsius with the freezing, dry wind. let the shivering snifflefest begin! the hotties? instead of keeping our toes toasty, we were walking around on what felt like rock hard, lumpy tea bags that stole precious toe space. thank gawd for that big mr. sun =) soon enough, we were having a blast shooting in the ice and snow.

i went to high school with ashley although we haven’t crossed paths in nearly a decade. my heart smiled when i immediately noticed that her fun-loving personality hasn’t changed since high school. braving the manitoba winter, ashley brought along her gorgeous, endless smile. she really is a beautiful chameleon to photograph, producing a very different look with every angle. i really wish we had more time to shoot! working with ashley was so fun for me and i learned firsthand about shooting and directing headshots. it was a new challenge to shoot within such a tight frame, and to stay within that headshot space. i found myself constantly fighting the urge to include sweet backgrounds and composition opportunities around us that were calling my name. oooh, look, shiny object! if it wasn’t so dang cold out, i would have been all over shooting more variety like dots on dice. poor ashley was frozen. my fingers were frozen stuck and i could no longer move or feel them or any of the buttons on my camera for that matter.

i was just getting started and didn’t feel as if i had enough coverage of ashley and her multiple awesome persona’s, and i insisted we keep shooting. {sorry, ash!} i just knew there were some great shots waiting for us around the corner. we moved onto the ice underneath a little bridge where divine light and shelter from the painful wind was patiently waiting for us. despite my pushing to continue shooting just a little longer, she totally worked it for the camera up until the last shot like it was, yielding some of the best shots of the session. after wrapping things up, we hurried to the car and blasted the heat while we quickly caught up with each other and our lives since graduating. ashley, it was truly a pleasure to photograph you and i’d love to see you perform on stage sometime!