Monthly Archives: July 2010


hello all! this post is simply to inform you that i’ll be making a few changes to my blog, so please bear with me if the blog is looking funny during your visits! you should still be able to navigate throughout the site to find whatever you’re looking for, but if you run into any […]

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STEFFY K • GRAD of 2010

ryan’s youngest sister stephanie graduated high school this year and she asked me months ago if i would like to do her makeup for her graduation day. in case you don’t already know, i’m also an esthetician! i graduated from giselle’s school of aesthetics a few years ago. (i’m the one with the fiery red […]

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a few years back, larissa’s family used to own a seasonal campsite across from ours out at lilac resort. it’s been a while since they’ve left, and our families don’t see each other quite as often anymore. aside from fun events and birthdays, of course. larissa’s long, curly, gorgeous blond locks are her trademark feature and […]

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