Monthly Archives: February 2010


i recently dug out some ‘old’ dvd’s to look for some images in particular, and during this i looked through a lot of my older photos. unplanned, i wound up reliving many of those memories with an even stronger appreciation for them than when they occurred. i’m quite hard on myself when it comes to my […]

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right now ryan and i are doggie-sitting my parents bichon frise, lucky. lucky recently fully lost his sight and while he may be a little old (& sometimes grumpy) pot bellied man today, he comes with quite a story. when i was a little girl, our parents decided we were going to look into getting […]

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HELLO, 2010

hello, gorgeous! let’s just quickly address the flaming elephant in the room first. i haven’t blogged about anything in well over a month, and i’ll admit that this is seriously overdue. i can’t just pretend as though the last month didn’t just go by without a single blog post. truth is, january was kinda whack […]

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