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superhot & sexy • lisa + darren = crazy love

remember when you were just a wee little kid, and you imagined yourself in the future? you imagined what you wanted to be when you grew up, the house you would live in, you imagined finding your soul mate and living happily, ever after… this is the kind of magic that exists between lisa + […]

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superhot & sexy • lisa + darren’s slideshow

as promised, here is the much-anticipated slideshow from lisa + darren’s superhot & sexy photo session! full photo post coming early wednesday morning!!! you definitely do not want to miss out, there will be 50+ images for you to drool over!!

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superhot & sexy teaser • lisa + darren

oh yes… the images you’ve all been dying to see are about to hit the world wide web! stay tuned for an upcoming fully kickass post on this superhot & sexy photo session!!! please leave your comments below! have a great weekend, homies!

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