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my amazing 5 year old niece kayli has her annual spring dance concert this weekend…

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my super-sweet niece kayli turned 4 recently, and i brought along my canon 5dmk2 & 50mm 1.4 lens to catch some video of her throughout the day. my mom & myself met up with my brother and kayli at st. vital mall’s build-a-bear workshop store where she got to pick out everything she could possibly dream […]

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last week i had the pleasure of attending my niece kayli’s ballet practise, and was allowed to take some photographs during the class!. to respect the privacy of the other little girls, kayli will be the only visible face in the following images. kayli has class once a week, but every 2 months they have […]

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real moments • sunkisses & lollipops

I’ve decided to have a weekly blog post! each week i will be featuring random photographs from my personal life. i am calling it real moments. most of the time, the photographs i take in my personal life are unplanned and spontaneous. i love days where i am fortunate enough to have my 5DMKII nearby […]

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i’ve arrived! heck yes!

well hello there to all! i have soo much to say and absolutely no idea how to begin a blog! so i suppose these first few posts may not be the world’s greatest blog posts, or totally off-the-walls insanely entertaining, but i am confident that as time goes by i will figure out my blogging […]

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