i received an email from demi’s mommy, erin back in may. demi had just turned six and wanted a to have a fun photoshoot done to show off her stunning good lucks. erin had trouble finding the right photographer to convey the style in which she had envisioned in her head when alas, she found me! erin and i corrosponded via email for a few months with the goal of creating wicked portraits of demi in her true element. (modelling, duh!) demi is still a goofy baby at heart and is extremely loyal to her mommy. read on for an exclusive interview and a short film with demi the doberman…


Steff: hello, demi! thank you for joining me this evening. pleasure to meet you.
Demi: woof. treats!?

S : tell me a little bit about erin, (your mommy) and your adoption process.
D: my ma volunteers for the doberman pincher club of manitoba. she also maintains the website for the club. she and my dad met me back when i was one year old at my breeders place in brandon. they originally wanted to adopt a puppy. little did they know, my breeder had been keeping me until the right people came along to take me home. i was the pick of the litter even though i was too tall and skinny for show business. my mom and dad fell in love with me upon first sight, even though they thought they thought they’d be bringing home a puppy much younger than me. but… i’m sweet and very hard to resist. 🙂

S : tell me about yourself.
D: i’m a little bit shy in public, but at home i like making noises! i’m a vocal girl, and am not afraid to talk or sing whenever i want something. i’m ultra playful with a big spirit, and i love to make people laugh. also, i can sit down really fast, and act quite serious. i’m a total ham. and i like eating ham too.

S : what are some of your favorite things?
D: i enjoy snuggling and staying warm! i really love carrots and snap peas. i like my ball, too.

S : what’s life like with your mom and dad?
D: we had a lot of fun together! we were a family, and i became their world! but then one day, my dad became ill and suddenly passed away. it was just me and my mom. i knew i had to be strong for her and help her get through our terrible loss. she says she feels like she owes me her life, but i know that i owe her mine! we are doing this photoshoot so we can remember how important we all were to each other and all the good times we had together. she often says i mean the world to her. i am a very lucky dog!

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Michele Czebotarenku This is beautiful, I just felt it wrong to not tell you. Someone found this and forwarded it to me. I know Erin and Demi and all they’ve been though. Your photos are awesome, combined with the narrative, brilliant!
Really glad I had the opportunity to see it.
ThanksSeptember 23, 2012 – 8:10 pm

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