amin and i go way back. in fact, i’ll just admit to you right now that we were total bar star girlfriends.

she was part of the group of girls who picked me up off the ground from a breakup I went through about 6 years ago. we were all so different, in terms of personalities, families, style, success, and boy drama. amongst our differences, we were all simply living the typical life as 18 & 19 year old girls trying to find our place in the world. those were the girls that i was able to depend on, trust, and really grow as a person and be myself with.

amin had this irresistibly sweet nature & charm, lovingly referring to everyone as hun. what i remember the most about amin is her all-out birthday celebrations. we would all go out for dinner, and then head to a canadinns hotel where our favorite bar, pharoahs was conveniently located in the same building. we’d totally pre-game it up (canadian style!) in the hotel room, trading & critiquing outfits and doing our hair and makeup as though it was our last night out. EVER!!

once we were all decked out (and half-in-the-bag), all that remained was amin’s tiara. it was amin’s signature thing. once that tiara was on, ladies, we were set to walk into that bar as if we owned the place & tear up that dance floor! of course, with our VIP entrance how could we not feel this way?? we were obviously the coolest 18 & 19 year olds in the history of time.

first up – amin & myself at pharoahs. i’m guessing this is late 2003.

amin’s birthday. you’d never see me flaunting my midriff like this these days… I had no idea how great I looked back then! I believe this was taken early 2004…

you’ve had some time to drool over the video i posted last week from this session. in case you missed it, scroll down to the end of this post or click here to view the awesome video of gorgeousness!

amin is totally a chameleon when it comes to modelling. she can pull off anything and she has so many different great looks to her. some of the images from this shoot remind me of nelly furtado, penelope cruz, and angelina jolie… don’t you agree???

here are my favorites from the last minute session with amin. get ready, this post is huge! all of these images were taken in one room, using one wall & one window. Despite the restraints, Amin was so relaxed and natural, we scored some seriously beautiful images.

i truly had a wonderful time working with you amin, and it was great to catch up after all these years. good luck in the pageant – i can’t wait to hear how it went!

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Mahreen Looking Great!March 20, 2010 – 2:41 pm

Dena those are seriously beautiful photos!!!!March 16, 2010 – 12:51 pm

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