Sophia’s 1st Birthday

Sophia’s 1st Birthday back in October here on Vancouver Island.

Carly & Geoff’s Mexican Wedding Adventure!

oh, hey!

hola, gorgeous! *blows 8 months of dust off the blog* ahem… umm.. alright. I won’t even pretend to beat around the bush. it’s been freakin’ ages since I posted anything on any of my websites… so forgive me and let’s move on!!! In March, my boyfriend Alf and I flew to Manzanillo, Mexico to shoot Carly & Geoff’s beautiful Wedding. (woah, woah, woah, wait a second!! who the heck is Alf, you ask? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother blog post…) 

Carly & Geoff held a Cocktail Party for their guests the night before the Wedding so that everyone could get acquainted with one another. And eat. And drink. And soak up the Mexican vibes. and maybe drink some more…

Here’s a super short little video from the evening, stay tuned for their AMAZING Wedding to follow!


i know terry and selina from lilac resort where we both have seasonal campsites. they are a beautiful couple who met in recent years and are more in love than they’ve ever been in life. over the may long weekend, terry proposed to selina while they were sitting around the fire on their beautiful site. when my family and our friends were having coffee the next morning, terry came over and happily announced that he had proposed to selina!

“our dear friend tracey is going to marry us, and we’re going to have a destination-style wedding in our own tiki hut here at lilac, followed by a golf cart precession, catered food and a live band!”

“can i be a bridesmaid?!” sophie, a mutual friend shouted. “absolutely!” replied terry.

meanwhile, amazed with all of the awesomeness of the details and the excitement of it all, i absolutely couldn’t resist any longer and yelled out, “can i be your photographer?!?!?” umm hello… the first wedding ever at lilac resort; where i am family with the owners, and have spent countless summers at?? there’s no way i was letting this one slip away from me. i had to shoot this wedding!!

fast forward to july 16, 2011. it’s a scorching 40 something degrees celsius outside. a few hundred people gathered around the campsite to watch them tie the knot in front of their super wicked tiki bar hut. despite people everywhere standing shoulder to shoulder in the sweltering heat, terry and selina’s ceremony was so beautifully intimate. simple. real. and surrounded by nothing but sweet, sweet love.

terry & selina, thank you for allowing me to be the one to capture your unique destination wedding. i had a blast. and shed about 3 pounds within the 90 minutes i was shooting.

enjoy this beautiful fusion film of terry & selina’s candid ceremony images and some spontaneous video of an epic golf cart precession (followed by a celebratory trip down the water slide by the groom & some guests!)

**still images to follow once i return from vacation. click the link at the end of this video to be taken directly to terry & selina’s gallery of images from their special day!**


i received an email from demi’s mommy, erin back in may. demi had just turned six and wanted a to have a fun photoshoot done to show off her stunning good lucks. erin had trouble finding the right photographer to convey the style in which she had envisioned in her head when alas, she found me! erin and i corrosponded via email for a few months with the goal of creating wicked portraits of demi in her true element. (modelling, duh!) demi is still a goofy baby at heart and is extremely loyal to her mommy. read on for an exclusive interview and a short film with demi the doberman…


Steff: hello, demi! thank you for joining me this evening. pleasure to meet you.
Demi: woof. treats!?

S : tell me a little bit about erin, (your mommy) and your adoption process.
D: my ma volunteers for the doberman pincher club of manitoba. she also maintains the website for the club. she and my dad met me back when i was one year old at my breeders place in brandon. they originally wanted to adopt a puppy. little did they know, my breeder had been keeping me until the right people came along to take me home. i was the pick of the litter even though i was too tall and skinny for show business. my mom and dad fell in love with me upon first sight, even though they thought they thought they’d be bringing home a puppy much younger than me. but… i’m sweet and very hard to resist. 🙂

S : tell me about yourself.
D: i’m a little bit shy in public, but at home i like making noises! i’m a vocal girl, and am not afraid to talk or sing whenever i want something. i’m ultra playful with a big spirit, and i love to make people laugh. also, i can sit down really fast, and act quite serious. i’m a total ham. and i like eating ham too.

S : what are some of your favorite things?
D: i enjoy snuggling and staying warm! i really love carrots and snap peas. i like my ball, too.

S : what’s life like with your mom and dad?
D: we had a lot of fun together! we were a family, and i became their world! but then one day, my dad became ill and suddenly passed away. it was just me and my mom. i knew i had to be strong for her and help her get through our terrible loss. she says she feels like she owes me her life, but i know that i owe her mine! we are doing this photoshoot so we can remember how important we all were to each other and all the good times we had together. she often says i mean the world to her. i am a very lucky dog!


a few weeks ago i met up with the lovely cheryl to shoot some portraits just before she attended her graduation dinner & party. we shot for about 30 minutes at the legislative building here in downtown winnipeg. this gorgeous session almost didn’t happen as cheryl and i couldn’t find each other amongst the sea of other graduates who were also there taking photos. thankfully i was able to find her in time to still get a sweet variety of shots. cheryl, i hope that you love the images we created from your special day, and i hope you had a fantastic time at your grad! congratulations to you for all that you’ve achieved and thank you for choosing me to work with you. it was a blast 🙂

check out cheryl’s awesome slideshow video below and please enjoy the images!

to be directed to cheryl’s online viewing and ordering gallery, please click here! (check back – link is coming soon)


oreo – dalmation portraits from Stephanie Ash Photography on Vimeo.

a few weeks ago i met up with erin and her doberman, demi for a photo shoot. we decided that since i would already be at her house, it would probably be a good idea to include her boyfriend’s 14 year old dalmation, oreo as her health is declining and she’s really slowing down. stay tuned for the main fusion video of demi coming up next!


this is an important personal announcement. you may be wondering where the heck i have been for the last little while. or what is going on in my life. i’m writing this entry on the fly so i really do not have an end result in mind. but alas, it is time to fill you in a little. it is time to tell the world wtf is going on, and why it seems i had disappeared off the face of planet earth.

i’m not a fan of excuses, because i think they’re lame. excuses are a waste of everyone’s time and with that being said, i’m a fan of honesty. plain and simple. so here goes.

honestly… i had been lost for a while. my  long-term relationship and my personal life were not going the way i wanted or ever dreamed of. because of this, and knowing this, for a long time i spiralled down into a black hole of total emptiness. and i knew it. i was stuck down there for so long that time literally no longer existed to me. days would go by, but it felt like hours. weeks would pass me by, but to me it felt like one day. my milestone 25th birthday came along, and the next thing i knew, i was turning 26. i lost 25 pounds almost overnight. (a whole ‘nother story) a few months later, death almost caught me but i somehow survived, miraculously. (thank you) the next thing i know, it’s christmas and then all of a sudden it was summer again and my 27th birthday was fast approaching. woah woah woah, hold on a minute. didn’t i just turn 25? life suddenly came to a screeching halt for me and i was absolutely sick of pretending, and sick of feeling sorry for myself. sick of the excuses. so sick of it all. it was time to start living. time to get my life back. time to give life back to those closest around me.

inside my head, my life is amazing. in my heart, i know exactly what i want, and i know i can have anything in this life that i truly desire. i also know i can get it, i can accomplish anything i set my mind to. i’m all about the law of attraction and i spend a lot of time thinking about the things i want in my life. i know how easy it is to create life and i most definitely know how fast karma works. however, on the outside, in my reality – i was not demonstrating this. and thus life turned into what felt like 1 day stuck on repeat. groundhog day. i’d wake up each morning smiling, determined and feeling like this is it… today’s my day! yet i was going to bed every night feeling so frustrated that i was not moving forward. feeling sorry for myself and all my failures for the day and all the days leading up to that day. everything that i had done wrong

about a month ago, i became sick with it all. so ill that i couldn’t eat, and all i felt was pain all over. pain in my heart, my soul, my life, my mind. and so my 6 and a half year relationship ended. that which i had avoided for so long and tried to ignore was really happening. i knew it was time to let go. to let go of everything i had, and to march forward fast and hard with my head held high. ryan is my best friend on earth and it was hard for me to gain the courage to let us go. i honestly want nothing more than happiness for him and for myself, and i could see that him being with me was no longer creating happiness, and i needed to act on my beliefs that life is too short to allow unhapiness. life is seriously to effing short. there is no pain greater than the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain, and we are living proof of this. in order for things to change in life, you’ve gotta do something different.

i want to keep this very short and simple, as i could write about this for hours. i wont bore you with the details but i want the world to know that as of july 8th, my 27th birthday, my life has begun again and a whole new chapter is being written in my story. on that day, i said aloud: today is the first day of the rest of my life. and i meant it. please, i ask that you not send us your sympathies. but rather compassion and happiness in the purest form. send us positive energy. things are wonderful right now. life is always simply whatever you say it is. i could focus on the bad and say that this is sad, or this is hard, or this will be difficult… but you know what? that’s what will then be created if you say and think those things. therefore, while i know there is a substantial mountain ahead to climb in terms of legalities, moving, mortgages and splitting up our posessions, i know that we can get through this. this is a test of strength, and boy do we have strength more than ever right now. what’s better than knowing that in a few months we’ll be stronger? what could possibly be better than knowing that in a few months we’ll be even happier, lighter, freer, and truly open and able to chase our dreams?

ryan, if you are reading this, you already know that i sincerely thank you for everything. i love and respect you more than you’ll ever know, and i am so excited that we both have a clean slate ahead of us to live life to the fullest. you have been a tremendous part of my life and while we have come to realize that we are on completely different life paths, i want nothing more for you than to find whatever your path is and ride the hell out of it! get out there and do all the things you’ve always wanted to do, show em what you’re made of and and don’t you ever let anyone hold you back. ever. i’ll always be here for you, and support you no matter what.

i’m going to be moving in with my folks temporarily at the end of July, and after that? my life is a blank canvas, waiting for that wild, colorful paint i’ve always wanted.

to the rest of you, thank you for your continued support during this time in our lives and thank you in advance for the support i know you will continue giving us both.

to my friends and family, you have been key elements in me finding my way out of the black hole, and i can finally see the light again. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

and last but certainly not least, to my clients, thank you for being so understanding and awesome. i apologize for those who have waited on me for anything thus far, and i’ve been a really crappy business person. there’s no excuse for this, but now you know why. from now on, i’m really ready to do this. let’s get this thing started! i love you all!